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At MCM Industries we strive to serve the individual consumer as well as fortune 500 corporations.

We are proud to supply our parts and components to the following industries: 

Under the Car


With a market in demand for more efficient vehicles auto manufacturers are seeking a lean supply base as well as implementing lean manufacturing practices.  Through annual training MCM remains a 1st and 2nd tier vendor to 4 top auto manufacturers.

Our automotive products go through strenuous testing by our quality team.  We pay close attention to customer specifications to ensure optimum quality.


We take great pride that our very first customer to place an order with us was a major U.S. Ag manufacturer who continues to be a valued customer.


MCM has been supplying the agricultural industry for over 30 years.  Our product is supplied at the OEM and Aftermarket levels.   


Our management team takes a key interest in providing quality parts for a competitive price.  We supply MCM product made in our Cleveland facility as well as imported product to OEM manufacturers.  We value the customers we have and strive to exceed customer expectations.

Farm Equipment Parts Repair
Garage Doors


For the consumer products industry, MCM produces numerous components and assemblies.  Our components are used in a wide range of Products such as:

  • Garage Doors

  • Children’s Toys

  • Pet Care

  • Music Industry

  • Infant Car Seats

  • Aftermarket Automotive

  • Residential Lighting

  • Retail Displays


For over 10 years MCM has manufactured and supplied high precision parts as a 3rd Tier supplier to the United States Military and United States Government.  

 We take pride in supplying quality parts to help protect our soldiers and our country. 

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform
Scenic Road


MCM supplies components to the US Department of Transportation.  We are capable of not only holding the tight production standards for this demanding industry, but are able to maintain strict control over material certifications that are a necessity to meet the US Government Standards and Regulations.  MCM also manages warehousing and product distribution to many construction locations across the country.


Many everyday kitchen appliances have parts and components made by MCM.  Stainless steel materials of different grades are used to produce quality parts for blenders and other types of food processors.  Our components are also used in toaster ovens, refrigerators and mixers.

Red and Black Motorcycle 2


High performance parts and components are something we take pride in supplying to the two major American recreational vehicle manufacturers. 

MCM also have history in the development of state of the art engine parts for racing boats. 

Our parts for the recreational industry are stringently tested for durability and performance.  

MCM parts are found on USA manufactured:

  • Snowmobiles

  • Boats

  • Watercraft

  • Motorcycles

  • ATVs

  • Side x Side



MCM Industries is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel components servicing the medical industry, producing top quality medical devices used in the sterilization of medical tools.

Communication Tower


MCM supplies directly to the Telecommunications and Power Grid Management Industries, with high quality components ranging in process from Injection Molded plastic, Compression Molded Silicone and Rubber, Die Cast Aluminum, Precision Machined Aluminum, Custom formed Wire and Sheet Metal components. 

Our components consistently meet the Price, Quality and Delivery needs for our customers.

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