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Tractor Wheels


MCM Ind. Co. Inc. has a wide range of manufacturing capabilities:

  • CNC custom wire forming

  • Blank wire bending

  • Four-slide and multi-slide forming and stamping

  • Simple-to-complex bends


Secondary Operations:

  • Chamfering

  • Light Coining

  • Threading

  • Stress Relieving

  • Shot Peening

  • Vibratory Deburring

  • Heat Treating

  • Plating

  • Passivation

  • Spring Grinding


We can handle your secondary operations request for custom fabrications as well.

Tool Room - with EDM capability; in –house tooling, heat treating and tool welding capabilities is utilized for rapid internal and external customers’ needs.


Quality department - For accurate and efficient inspection MCM’s quality team utilizes state of the art CMM -OGP Smart scope Flash 500 with Optical, Touch probe and Laser inspection capability. In addition we also use Optical comparators; Digital Bore gauges; Digital calipers and Micrometers, Hardness Testers, spring load testers, and pin gauges.


4 - Slide

We can bend up to .500” wire on our CNC wire former and up to .250” wire on our 4-slides.
Springs are produced also on CNC coiling machines with minimal setup time. We can coil wire from .004” to .312” in diameter. 

Simplex Rapid - MC30

Our Italian High-Speed Automatic Spring Coiling Machine, fitted with the latest generation multi-axis Numerical Control.











SNS1-176-H Press

SEYI 176 Ton Single Point Straight Side Press 

 176 US Ton Capacity















CSM-1320 -  CNC Spring Former

13 Axis CNC spring former.  Wire range 0.4 - 2.3 mm.



CNC-6A120   Spring Coiling Machine

6 Axis machine.  



WB-4120 3D Wire Bender 



Pave Huron 12  Wire Former

SHA - 950 CNC 9 Axes Coiler

SHA 950.jpg
Harvest Work
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