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Who we are:

We specialize in manufacturing and importing components and assemblies to supply a variety of industries.  Our philosophy has always been focused on the customer’s need for best price, best quality, and best delivery.  Customer service is a priority since day one, and every employee is focused on satisfying our customer’s needs.  MCM is a Hybrid when it comes to the products we supply.  Our product line has a range of Forgings, Castings, Spring and Wire forms, Machined parts, Plastic parts, Chain, Bearings, and Tubing;  MCM is able to supply any part for any industry.


1981 - MCM Ind. Co., Inc. was founded in Oak Forest, Illinois.

 1991 – MCM Industries purchased Cleveland manufacturing company, North Coast Spring & Wire.

1997 - With warehousing in Illinois and manufacturing located in Cleveland the company’s growth lead to the acquisition of Miami Tool & Die Corporation.

2013 - MCM Corporate is now located in Highland Hills, Ohio, which is exactly 6 miles from our MCM Cleveland manufacturing plant.   


Manufacturer - ISO Certified.  MCM Manufacturing Plant produces many different types of parts for a variety of industries.  Our product line is Stamping, Wire Forms, Springs, and Assemblies. 

Globally Sourced – Having a network of vendors set up around the world enables us to locate the best supplier with the best price for any type of product.  Our network of vendors have been through a quality audit performed by MCM as well as performed by our existing customers.  They have proven themselves in quality, price, and delivery.  In support of continuous improvement and the development of new projects MCM actively searches for potential new vendors .  We search the world for the best manufacturer for your product. 


Warehousing - With warehousing located in Cleveland and Chicago we have implemented Just –In –Time delivery eliminating the need for our customers to carry inventory.

We are linked into customer online scheduling release systems, assisting our customers to run more efficiently.   Whether we manufacture or import a product we warehouse all of our product, making it available for our customer when required. 

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